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Improved Framework

2010-03-05 18:01:33 by tailsfanatic

I've been constantly improving my console framework. I've even begun work on my physics engine.

The documentation is crap. I honestly have no desire to go through every single line and comment all my code. It's not like anyone really cares about that anyways. When I release my framework, I'll just write a manual for standard usage. I still am not looking forward to that, though.

Framework Finished

2009-12-11 23:56:03 by tailsfanatic

The framework has been completed. I now have a console capable of being embedded into swfs. I'm currently working on the documentation; after it is finished I'll publish it.

I hope that this framework will help me in my development of the physics engine I'm working on.

Upcoming Framework

2009-12-10 16:11:35 by tailsfanatic

I've had a change in plans. Both the simulation and Turing project have been shelved. I may return to them at another date, but now I'm busy.

I've been working on an extensible console framework that allows you to command your movie from inside the movie itself. It will allow you to define custom commands for use inside any movie.

This will be completed very soon.

Mr. Turing

2009-06-19 00:44:04 by tailsfanatic

I've deviated a little from my previous goal. I was working on a massive simulation game, but that's going to wait for awhile. I'm currently working on Mr. Turing, my artificial intelligence engine.

Mr. Turing is meant to be able to answer any question grammatically correctly, though not necessarily accurately. Being able to carry on a conversation is a little his scope, but it may come in the future.

Stay tuned for a demo of Mr. Turing! I should have enough of it done by the end of next week.

Getting ready to make game

2009-06-04 16:45:15 by tailsfanatic

Alight. I have been getting my hands dirty with Actionscript the past few weeks, and I think I'm ready to make my first game.

That was fast.

2009-03-14 01:54:10 by tailsfanatic

I already finished the flash, and it passed the test! Woot! I'm now an author.

I've begun to build my second submission to the Portal. It's basically just a souped-up sound board, but I intend to implement at least passable graphics in it.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Flash is way too limited in order to do this. My first submission was built using Flash 5. There's a radical difference between that and CS4. I should have it done within a day or so.

You may be wondering: where is my first submission? The answer is that it was submitted and blammed. Not for no reason, it sucked so bad that I can think of no adjective to describe it. Now, however, I have improved my knowledge of principles of design, and I can work faster and for a longer time without getting fatigued. Hopefully, the community will think this flash is good enough.